Our Work

Product Analytics

Web3 Gaming Client

For this project, Modern Learner developed an analytics event tracking plan for the client. The implementation used TypeScript and JavaScript to track events with Segment and Mixpanel. Data export to AWS S3 was implemented for the data science team.

The events that were tracked in the game included core game loop features and social features. A set of dashboards was built in Mixpanel to track the DAU, average session lengths, player engagement and player retention.

NFT Smart Contract

Web3 Gaming Client

For this project, Modern Learner developed and implemented an NFT smart contract for the Cosmos blockchain.

The purpose of the smart contract was to receive NFTs for a web3 game, randomly select an NFT from a pool of NFTs, and transfer it to the player.

The smart contract was written in Rust with CosmWasm to compile it into smart contract code. The smart contract was deployed to the Terra blockchain. During development, we created JavaScript tooling to ensure that the smart contract was fully tested in various scenarios, making it production-ready.

Mobile App: Moonbeam

Modern Learner

MOONBEAM - Apps on Google Play
MOONBEAM is your daily look at lunar phases for North and South hemispheres

We built and published a mobile app in the Google Play Store that displays the lunar phases. The store listing included content such as descriptions, screenshots and feature graphics.

The app was built using Expo and React Native, including sound effects and animation.

Video Course Creation Platform

Modern Learner

We built a video course creation platform for eLearning. The platform enabled creators to write scripts that would then generate all the videos that go into a video course. Each video included a generated slide deck, stock footage, and Text-To-Speech narration. Machine learning powered by a custom model was used to give the user suggestions during the script writing process.

The platform was built using Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, ffmpeg, Python and TensorFlow (through ludwig).

We hired subcontractors to improve parts of the video generation pipeline.