Product Analytics Consulting

We can provide:

  • consultation on the events to track within your game user interface, web application, mobile app, and backend server API
  • recommendations on how to implement a product analytics data pipeline
  • proof-of-concept implementations in JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby
  • recommendations on analytics APIs that fit your use case (Segment, GameAnalytics, Google Analytics, Mixpanel)

Smart Contract Development

Blockchain smart contract programming with Rust and CosmWasm for blockchains built on Cosmos.

Web App Development

  • Django, Django REST Framework
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React / JavaScript, GraphQL, Redux
  • Angular / TypeScript


The following are some of the webinars that we can provide for your organization or your team:

  • Introduction to NFTs: how to create your own NFTs and curate a collection
  • Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • Product Analytics for Blockchain Gaming and Game Developers

Each webinar session is 45 minutes and includes Q & A.