Product Analytics Consulting

Product analytics for games and Web3 blockchain games

By partnering with us to implement product analytics, you will have the data you need to better understand user behavior. This data will enable your team of product managers, game designers, and developers to enhance your game's design and improve functionality, leading to better user satisfaction, higher retention and increased engagement. We help you enhance your data-driven culture with a product analytics pipeline and insightful data reporting.

Production-ready Product Analytics

  • Event Tracking: We help you identify the key events to track in your game user interface, web application, mobile app, and backend server API.
  • Data Pipeline: We provide recommendations on setting up and maintaining a data pipeline for analytics.
  • Tool Selection: We collaborate with you to choose the best product analytics tool for your needs, considering costs, reporting, developer experience, data export, and data retention. We've worked with Segment, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics.
  • Latest Solutions: We look for the best analytics tools for our clients, such as Mixpanel, Game Analytics, and Helika.
  • Implementation: We set up the product analytics data pipeline for your tracking events, whether your codebase is in JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, or C#.

Meet Rudolf, Our Principal Consultant

Rudolf Olah brings extensive experience in product analytics implementation, ensuring your game analytics project benefits from industry-leading expertise.

For a web3 gaming client, Rudolf worked with the game development and data science teams to build the game analytics foundations. This included event tracking with Mixpanel, Segment, and S3 data exports using TypeScript/JavaScript.

Rudolf previously worked at Zynga on the backend API and game features for Words With Friends and Boggle With Friends. There, he implemented and maintained essential game analytics data. Rudolf has developed comprehensive product analytics solutions throughout his career with tools like Google Analytics, Optimizely, FullStory, HotJar, Mixpanel, and Segment. His work has driven success across multiple teams and organizations.

Training Sessions

The following are some of the training sessions and coaching that we can provide for your organization or your team:

  • Product Analytics for Blockchain Gaming and Game Developers
  • Product Analytics for E-Commerce Web Apps
  • Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Training sessions consist of 3 to 5 sessions.
Each session is 1 hour and includes Q & A.